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My Mandarin has almost entirely been learnt in Singapore. At times people question me as to why I chose Singapore as a venue to learn Chinese. In their eyes, Singapore has a number of disadvantages:

  1. It is an expensive city to live in;
  2. Singaporeans’ Mandarin accent is not exactly ‘standard’; and
  3. Chinese is only one of the languages spoken (along with English, Malay, Tamil, and others).

So is Singapore a good place free chat to learn languages? There is some truth in each of the above objections, but I think Singapore is underestimated as a place to learn languages. Let us take a closer look at the objections:

Objection 1: Singapore is an expensive city

If you want to learn Mandarin, Singapore will indeed never be the cheapest venue. Who can be cheaper than China? On the other hand, Singapore is not more expensive to live and study in than, say, Spain or the UK. In fact, it can be a lot cheaper.

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